JavaScript is an abomination

- packrat386

Add more spice.

- Gata

Everything is terrible and nothing will ever be okay.

- Coolin

The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

- :uncle-ted:

Being blocked means that you literally can't do anything, not that you haven't figured it out yet.

- Coolin

[Miguel] Spinnaker integration with Okta/SAML, Jenkins, GitHub, Pipeline as Code, Native blue/green & Canary, ECS Fargate/EC2 support, Chaos Engineering tools, multi-cloud, Netflix battle-tested history gives me reason to believe it would be a great CD candidate. The core challenge Spinnaker in my opinion is the lacking support for Deploying Serverless Lambda Functions out of the box and whenever you have to manage infra it could introduce some challenges same way when using any custom tool you have to deploy on your own. I have seen something along the lines of foremast on Spinnaker side but where CodeDeploy shines is the native support for both ECS Fargate/ECS and Lambda blue/green & Canary deploys! Would definitely be exiting to POC on this!

Sounds like it's too late for you now, but the One Weird Trick to converting counties speedily is to take as many unlanded male captives of the enemy religion as possible during the war. Then release them from prison in exchange for Recruit and a Hook (NOT conversion yet). Then give them the county you just took and THEN use the hook to demand conversion. They will almost always accept and when they do if their religion matches that of the county, the whole county will instantly convert as well.

FuTuRe TRuNKs 2:36 AM

Having just spent ~2 hours bathing in a continuous waveform with no discrete stimuli (insomuch as human consciousness is experienced as un-quantized, even though it is indeed a serial of discrete transactions), i postulate the following: The act of creating a meme is to transduce a reflection / self-copy of a sympathetic vibration that is perceived (by humans) to be inherent to the sub-systems at all levels of the hierarchy of sub-systems comprising the human experience.

This sympathetic vibration is a commonality of all feedback loops making up the dynamics of these sub-systems.

That commonality is the "solving" nature of these loops' "purpose" within the inter/intra-sub-systems' dynamics.

Unfortunately (ha), "solving" within the entire hierarchy is impossible since all sub-systems are incomplete.

This contradiction of an incomplete sub-system having solvers *is itself * the sub-system definition (with requisite [relative?] metadata) in terms of the system (simulation). This contradiction/recursive sub-system definition is also the juxtoposition of form [solving] and formlessness [solved] (and thus the illusion of form arising and it's derivative conceptions of the universe) that humans perceive/measure/metaphorically impose in a near-fractal like pattern on our "understandings" and conceptions of reality. The most glaring example of this is the necessity for renormalization in particle physics. The act of enjoying a meme is acknowledging your own loops' sympathetic vibration with the rest of the sub-systems'. The act of folding a meme is uncovering additional or altering the currently experienced set of acknowledged loop sympathetic vibrations, perhaps in a noble but futile attempt to solve the (possibly complete) system through over-unity of the incomplete sub-systems.